Brainiac Beats wins the music contest for the StartUp Europe Awards 2016

After a hard competition –we received several music proposals to be the introduction of the StartUp Europe Awards- Brainiac Beats won this music contest that aimed at finding the best music for the StartUp Europe Awards videos.

brainiacBrainiac Beats, also known as El Cerebro in the Spanish music market, is an established music producer, DJ and sound engineer from Almeria (Andalusia-Spain). He has worked with some of the best hip hop artists, not only from his homeland Spain but also from the United States, where he travels to frequently while establishing his brand internationally. He has won several international competitions (beat battles) in the USA and online, and has also landed his music in films, advertisements, etc.

As a DJ he has toured the biggest music festivals in Spain, sharing the stage with countless legendary artists. As a sound engineer, he’s used to work under time-pressure, achieving a pristine, high quality sound, up to commercial standards.

With such a high quality, his music has already been used for our first two videos produced for the StartUp Europe Awards. Here the link to the video in which we announced that Bank of Ireland StartUp Europe Awards was the first British organiser of start-ups awards in becoming member of the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance:

If you liked it, do not hesitate to follow him on social media and learn more about his music:





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