Creative Europe

creative_europeCreative StartUp Europe supports the cinema and cultural and creative sectors. With a budget of 1,460 million euros for the period 2014-2020, it supports thousands of artists, culture professionals and cultural organizations of dramatic arts, Fine Arts, cinema edition, television, music, interdisciplinary arts, patrimony, and videogames industry, allowing them to operate all around Europe, and reaching new audiences, also acquiring the highest qualifications in the digital era.

As it helps art pieces by Europeans to reach new audiences in other countries, this programme will also contribute to save and promote European culture and language diversity.

What are its goals?

The European Commission considers that between 2014 and 2020, at least 8,000 cultural organizations and 300,000 artists, cultural professionals and their pieces will receive support to cross the borders and to acquire the most appropriate experience to develop their international careers. The programme will also help in the translation of more than 5,500 books and literary pieces.

The MEDIA Chapter within Creative StartUp Europe will support the distribution of more than 1,000 European films at a worldwide level, through traditional and digital platforms; it will also provide financing to help the audiovisual professionals to access international markets and to work with very good results in the international markets, and it will implement film production and other audiovisual pieces with the potential of transborder circulation.

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