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Finnova participates in the Final Conference of the MEDWAYCAP project
  • The Final Conference of the MEDWAYCAP project took place in Barcelona on July 10th and 11th, focusing on the efficiency of water use and reuse.
  • This project, led by the Research and Technology Center of Italy, lasted for 24 months and operated in 7 countries with a total budget of 1.1 million euros.
  • Juanma Revuelta, CEO of Finnova, highlighted the importance of cross-border collaboration and participation in open calls such as the Startup Europe Awards and the LIFE Programme.


Brussels, July 11, 2023. The efficiency of water use and reuse has been the central theme of the Final Conference of the MEDWAYCAP project, held in Barcelona on July 10th and 11th, where the CEO of Finnova Foundation, Juanma Revuelta, intervened by presenting European projects from the Erasmus+ program, the LIFE Program, and the European Territorial Cooperation (CTE).


Led by the Research and Technology Center, Hellas (Italy), MEDWAYCAP had a duration of 24 months, operated in 7 countries (Greece, Italy, Egypt, Malta, Palestine, Tunisia, and Jordan); a total budget of 1.1 million euros, and the participation of 9 partners: Research Center for Desertification of the University of Sassari in Italy; Confederation of European Business Associations of Egypt; Malta Energy and Water Agency; Palestinian Group of Wastewater Engineers; Water Research and Technology Center of Tunisia; National Center for Agricultural Research of Jordan; and International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari in Italy.


This conference marked the end of the project, which was the result of collaboration between various organizations and individuals to integrate Unconventional Water Resources (UWR) into water governance systems and related business opportunities, within the framework of environmental protection and the circular economy.


The transfer of innovation and the promotion of cross-border collaboration to achieve sustainable solutions are part of Finnova’s areas of action, which is why the CEO of the Foundation, Juanma Revuelta, was able to add value to the meeting by presenting projects from the Erasmus+ program such as SETOFF, RES4CITY, and YOUth&EU. Likewise, emerging projects from the LIFE Program, such as LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0.


The conference also provided a platform for the presentation of new technologies by the private sector, and for the exchange of best practices and experiences in the field of water management. Juanma Revuelta encouraged participation in open calls such as the Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) and Interreg POPTEC, as well as the event for the agri-food sector that will take place on July 17th and 18th in Mérida (Badajoz).


About the MEDWAYCAP Project


In the field of water, cooperation in the face of challenges is crucial to promote cross-border dialogue, raise awareness among authorities and policy makers, and develop capacities. The MEDWAYCAP project will address weaknesses in governance and capacities, providing advanced knowledge on techniques and management of unconventional water resources, and promoting their reuse in domestic and agricultural areas. Furthermore, it will foster networking, knowledge transfer, and awareness among authorities and stakeholders related to the challenges. The goal is to mitigate the local water crisis in the Mediterranean by facilitating the reuse of treated wastewater as an unconventional water resource.


About Finnova Foundation


Finnova is a non-profit Hispano-Belgian foundation based in Brussels and Spain, working for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the European Union for the past 12 years, helping and training in European funding acquisition. Its objective is to address social challenges such as employment, entrepreneurship, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the circular economy, waste valorization, sustainable tourism, and the fight against climate change. Finnova’s experience in leading communication and dissemination activities for European projects combines with a proven track record in business creation programs and support for entrepreneurship, such as accelerators, incubators, and events, as well as its commitment to the training and employability of young people.

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