NAPOCTEP presents in INTUR its routes as an example of good practices in sustainable rural tourism

The European project has been shown together with other national projects in the world of inland tourism

Brussels, 22.11.2019-. This morning, the NAPOCTEP project was exhibited at INTUR, the famous International Inland Tourism Fair in Valladolid. The project of Napoleonic routes through Spain and Portugal had its own space in the stand of the Junta de Castilla y León, beneficiary of the project. Íñigo Bilbao, Director of Sustainable Cities in Finnova and coordinator of NAPOCTEP, presented the project as a good example of good practice in sustainable, quality and strategic rural tourism, which helps to boost the rural world by enriching the territory, safeguarding the environment and creating seasonally adjusted jobs in rural and inland areas.

The presentation was attended by personalities from the municipalities of Burgos, Ciudad Rodrigo and Medina de Rioseco, technicians from Astorga, travel agencies of cultural routes, technicians of the Fundación Santa María la Real and Fundación Siglo, and technicians of European projects of the Junta de Castilla y León, among other rural tourism professionals.

Bilbao highlighted the visibility that the international fair provides to NAPOCTEP: “our participation in INTUR is very interesting and allows us to make known the project and to contact many interested entities and people”. He also stressed the need to have municipalities, tourism companies and tour operators to build a tourism product, and expressed interest in coming back next year “with the product already created to start marketing it”.

NAPOCTEP is on display until 24 November, when the fair ends, together with other projects concerning the national level in culture, enogastronomy and nature, the key themes of rural tourism.

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