10 start-ups won the semi-finals of the PropTech StartUp Europe Awards


Be Park, Sensorberg, Halio Glass, Sensoneo, Realiz3d, Mapple, CAD42, Build Safe, Access Green and HomeBeat.Live are the selected start-ups that will participate at the Finals  of  the  PropTech  Startup Europe Awards  at  MIPIM Europe in Paris.

  • The PropTech category was managed by Juanma Revuelta from  Finnova, by Idriss  Goossens  and  the EU PropTech House (www.proptechhouse.eu) board members, and Dirk Paelinck, Workero’s CEO & co-founder of PropTech House.
  • StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and the Finnova Foundation
  • The finalists will go to the 1st and 2nd of July to the MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris, the first leg of the MIPIM StartUp Competition

On Monday 6th May took place the semi-final of the 1st edition of the PropTech Start-up Europe Awards, event where more than 50 promising start-ups in innovation in real state from all over Europe competed to be within the 10 chosen ones to go the finals of the awards at MIPIM PropTech 2019  in July 2019. After a strong competition, the jury selected the Belgians Be Park and Halio Glass, the Germans Sensorberg and HomeBeat.Live, the Slovakian Sensoneo, the Frenches Realiz3d and CAD42, the Finnish Mapple, the Swedish Build Safe, the Irish Access Green as the finalist ones.

The PropTech category was managed by Juanma Revuelta from  Finnova, by Idriss  Goossens  and  the EU PropTech House (www.proptechhouse.eu) board members, and Dirk Paelinck, Workero’s CEO and  co-founder of the EU PropTech House, the Alliance of National PropTech  Associations which are dedicated to promote a sustainable European PropTech market, stimulating innovation and supporting new entrepreneurs. It is the first European initiative to give visibility and support to the most promising start-ups in innovation in real state. The mission of the EU PropTech House is to support a sustainable European PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the European living environment and beyond. The objectives will be to facilitate access to EU Funding, scale-up cross-border collaborations, to standardize and uniformize  the European PropTech markets, and to create a legal framework adapted to the PropTech, and fostering innovations in Real Estate.

It is also a brand new category within the StartUp Europe Awards’ framework (22 categories), promoted by the European Commission in collaboration with Finnova Foundation, which presents a prize methodology for start-ups at local, regional and national level, fostering the open innovation and the collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership supporting new entrepreneurs.

During the event, the start-ups in the categories of Manage&Operate, Market, Invest, Plan&Build and Smart City&Live, presented a private elevator pitch in front of an international jury in real time. This jury was composed by CEOs, CFOs, Directors  and other distinguished members from the Real Estate and Digital transformation world. Among them there were also representatives of renowned companies, such as JLL, PWC, Innogy, BNP Paribas Real Estate, AG Real Estate, Deloite, Bexis or RICS.

In addition to the pitching session, the day featured authorized spaces for networking and workshops of the StartUp Europe Accelerator from the Finnova Foundation. These workshops addressed legal barriers in the European Union, EU funding programs such as SME Instrument from Horizon 2020, financial opportunities like the open LIFE and tips for building a successful proposal.

The finalists will go to the 1st and 2nd of July to MIPIM PropTech Europe in Paris, where the winner of the PropTech Europe Awards will be chosen from the final top ten. At the same time, around 2.000 participants and 1.000 companies from more than 50 countries will compete to see which are the most innovative start-ups that tackle the biggest urban challenges around the world.

About StartUp Europe Awards

StartUp Europe Awards of the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative and Finnova is an open innovation methodology that encourages collaboration between the public sector and businesses in the promotion of innovative initiatives. Its aim is to help create alliances that allow entities and support programmes for entrepreneurs to be added to local partners and to be a communication tool for society.

StartUp Europe Awards is also supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament. StartUp Europe Awards is sponsored by StartUp Europe Accelerator

SEUA serves as a communication tool for society, encouraging collaboration between the public and business sectors and promoting innovative initiatives. Its aim is to promote the creation of alliances enabling in every region concerned to gather entities and the support programmes for entrepreneurs with local and international partners.

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1. BePark

BePark is a young and innovative company at the forefront of the European parksharing market, which acts like missing link between drivers in search of an increasingly hard-to-find parking spot and parking owners who are looking to optimize the management of their asset.

2. Sensorberg

Sensorberg digitizes complex buildings and physical processes within the field of Smart Spaces. They fulfill individual and specific needs of their customers and that require its own individual solutions for doors, lockers, sensors and actuators.

3. Halio Glass

The smart-tining glass system of Halio Glass permit transitions from transparent to fully tinted, blocking out the glare of direct sunlight and sharply reducing the amount of solar energy entering your home. Halio also provides privacy when needed and protects works of art and furnishings from sun damage.

4. Sensoneo

Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed, by combining ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with the help of sophisticated software. It also provides both cities and businesses with analytics that can be used for data-driven decision making in the optimization of waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads.

5. Realiz3d

Realiz3d is a recognized expert in the creation of real-time 3D models for residential, commercial real estate programs and for the development of territories. From CAD plans and BIM models, our teams create interactive, immersive and aesthetic 3D software for the design, promotion and management of real estate assets.

6. Mapple
Mapple is a spin-off from the Digital Geography Lab at the University of Helsinki. Following a longterm collaboration with Finnish cities and urban planners, the lab developed data driven tools to understand how the city functions. Seeing the need for advanced smart mobility solutions, a group of researchers decided to use their expertise to build easy to use solutions that help cities with their everyday challenges.

7. Cad42

CAD.42 provides a solution that enables industries to transform their operations while achieving and sustaining operational excellence. Its award-winning hardware, software and services solutions tightly synchronize global operations by delivering real-time visibility and control across the enterprise.

8. Buildsafe

BuildSafe, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company that provides a safety management cloud service for the construction industry. Its product enhances the work of reporting, documenting, and monitoring risks in construction projects. The tools also helps construction companies and builders maintain high levels of security and quality in the projects while reducing unnecessary paperwork.

9. Accessgreen

Access Green provides high-value energy audits and retrofits and offers unparalleled quality, customer service, and value in green energy for its clients.
They are headquartered in the Eckington neighborhood of Northeast Washington, DC.

10. HomeBeat.Live

HomeBeat is a digital platform for apartment buildings, connecting residents, owners, property managers and project developers. The free software provides up-to-date information about the property, while keeping your data safe and secure. It can be implemented for new or existing buildings

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