Hosly, the proof that entrepreneurship has no age

The app has been created by Claudia, Eva, Lucía and Lluna, 11-year-old Spanish girls, in order to help hospitalised children to have a better stay through technology

Good ideas can come at any time, no matter your age. This is the case of Claudia, Eva, Lucía and Lluna, four 11-year-old Spanish girls that have created the perfect app for helping other kids. Hosly, designed to provide technological services that connect hospitalised children and their families, offers several tools: geolocation/GPS that connects at once kids with their relatives, three games designed by the girls and a motivation/calm mode, which provides the sick kids motivational quotes, pictures, videos and music.

Hosly has won the second Technovation award that was celebrated at the Polytechnic University of Valencia last may, and now they are in the international stage of this North American contest. In fact, they have already presented their candidature to compete at the Technovation Challenge 2019, an international contest for entrepreneurs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Finnova Foundation sees great potential in this app for its innovativeness and great social contribution. “We are sure that this girls will go far in the entrepreneur eco-system with great ideas like Hosly” said Juanma Revuelta.

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