Startup Europe Map is rapidly growing, are you in?


The Startup Europe Map is an EU-wide map that aims to unite startups, corporates, incubators, accelerators, investors, influencers, universities, public organisations and coworking spaces across Europe.

The Startup Europe Map is a tool of Startup Europe, an initiative of the European Commission that aims to strengthen the business environment for startups growing within the EU.

The objectives of the map are to:

  • Identify all players in the European startup ecosystem
  • Provide a platform that allows all startup players to connect to each other across Europe
  • Show opportunities for startups across Europe, such as funding, co-working spaces, and collaboration opportunities
  • Show the support available for startups from governments and local authorities
  • Make it easier for investors to find projects to invest in
  • Promote transparency in the EU startup ecosystem
  • Promote best practices by making them public

Join Startup Europe Map now!

Please use:
@StartupEUmap – Startup Europe Map account
#StartupEUmap – Special hashtag created for the Startup Europe Map

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