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Juanma Revuelta, CEO of Finnova, participates as a speaker at the Leadership Academy 2019 conference in North Macedonia

The event, which takes place in the municipality of Ohrid between 20 and 24 May, aims to improve the leadership skills of representatives from different sectors and facilitate cooperation between North Macedonian and Bulgarian municipalities.

The Macedonian city of Ohrid is currently hosting the Leadership Academy 2019, aimed at improving the leadership skills of representatives of local government departments in municipalities and non-governmental institutions, as well as the academic sector of the respective field. It also aims to facilitate cross-border and intermunicipal cooperation between North Macedonian and Bulgarian municipalities. The project is implemented by the National Association of Municipal Clerks of Bulgaria (NAMCB), the international Balkan Net Foundation and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

During the conference different aspects related to leadership are being discussed, such as understanding the main characteristics and qualities of modern leaders, power and leadership, the most charismatic leaders in history, time management or emotional intelligence. As part of the Leadership Academy 2019 conference, Finnova CEO Juanma Revuelta offered a workshop on strengthening communication skills and presenting the basic elements of visualization.

The event, born in 2015, is held annually in North Macedonia and Bulgaria with different workshops in both countries. Initially representatives of civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations participated, but later it was also opened to experts from various fields. Participation in the Leadership Academy enables participants to acquire new knowledge and skills in the area of leadership, as well as possibilities for cooperation with other relevant organisations in North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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Smart Agrifood Summit: Last days of the Call for Start-ups

• The greatest event of innovation and entrepreneurship at the food industry will be held 20. and 21. June in Málaga (Spain)
• Finnova cooperates with this innitiative from the European Commission, created and implemented by INTEC, Startup Europe and FYCMA
• The aim of Smart Agrifood Summit is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of technologies and in its integration into the agri-food chain

The Second edition of the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit is around the corner: the Spanish city of Málaga will host the greatest event of innovation and entrepreneurship at the food industry. There, professionals from more than 19 countries will have the opportunity, between 20 and 21 June, to promote and improve the enterprise visibility and digital transformation. They will also have the chance to strength the agrifood ecosystem, attract inversion, facilitate financing in new projects and promote the use of technology to boost value added to agricultural products. For this reason, there will be an investors’ forum with more than 100 guest speakers, as well as working meetings.

The Summit will be also a great opportunity for the participants to know more about all the different programmes that the European Union provides for the 2020 – 2027 period in the field of agrifood innovation, such as Horizon Europe or LIFE Programme. With regard to this, our CEO, Juanma Revuelta, will give a talk on “How to stimulate the smart agrifood ecosystem for startups in Europe”, on 21 June at 11:00 a.m, in which he will not only explain all programmes in the frame of the the Common Agricultural Policy mentioned above, but also Fast Track to Innovation, which allows entrepreneurs to access subsidies up to 3 million euros. Besides, experts from Startup Europe Accelerator will solve all doubts about the programme.

Call For Start-ups

In order to boost the entrepreneurial Agrifood ecosystem, Smart Agrifood Summit launches a new Call For Start-ups until 27. May. 300 start-ups will be selected to participate in these 2 intensive days to boost, to dinamize and to choose the best innovative proyects for the digital transformation in the agrifood sector. The chosen ones will be assisted by an international team of succesful advisors, entrepreneurs and investors. They will opt as well for the following awards:

  1. Best start-up at the event
  2. Most innovative start-up
  3. Greater scalability
  4. RSC in gender equality
  5. Best technological solution

In addition, IBM will provide 2 different awards through the “Startup with IMB” programme:

  1. Builder Level: use of technology on IBM Cloud valued at $12,000 a year for the 30 finalist startups
  2. Premium Level: use of technology on IBM Cloud valued at $120,000 a year for the 5 winner startups
  3. Greater scalability
  4. RSC in gender equality
  5. Best technological solution

Startup with IMB” allows start-ups to access to IBM Technology: Cloud infraestructure, Data, IoT, Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology with Watson, among other services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate and register here or visit
To see the provisional programme, click here


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