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Brussels, 8 February 2017 – Three enriching conferences took place that day. During the event, the companies have presented all the help they can provide for entrepreneurs.

Firstly, Véronique Flammang, Co-ordinator 1819 at, talked about the Brussels Ecosystem for Business Creation. Doing business in Brussels is not that difficult. Many ways are at your disposal to create your enterprise. The website of 1819 complements the phone line, providing one-stop access to valuable information in French and Dutch for anyone who does business in Brussels or is looking to develop a business activity in the region in the near future. It also includes all market parties who can provide the training, information, advice, guidance, support and finance needed to start or grow a business in Brussels. For more information about the company, please have a look at : .

Then, Candice Francescato, Program Officer for Coopcity at, presented their accompanying programs for entrepreneurs and the free coworking spaces after an introduction to the company. More information can be found in the website : .

The last presentation was about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. It is a cross-border programme facilitating the exchange of entrepreneurial and management experience. The benefits of the program are important : it reinforces entrepreneurial attitudes by offering skills, knowledge and experience, increases the number of start-ups and boosts their resilience, helps small firms to network, innovate, and go international, helps to create jobs and fosters the transfer of ideas, knowledge and cooperation between small firms. For more details about the program : .

Also, want to thanks  Bodegas Verum for their support in the event with the greatest withe wine.
To end the presentations, people could participate in a networking cocktail to expand their network, to enlarge their contact list and ask for more precise questions.

All the events are behind the Startup Europe Week


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