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New educational gamification platform about European funding launched by Finnova and Play&go

A new e-learning platform for the participants of the Accelerathon programme.

Considered one of the most innovative tools for training related to EU programmes. 

Brussels, 8 July 2020 – Finnova Foundation and Play&go, a Valencian startup dedicated to the design and development of gamified guides, promotional campaigns and geolocalised games, have developed an educational gamification platform to provide through an interactive training system the necessary knowledge regarding the access to European funding programmes. Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational and professional field in order to achieve better results.

“Understanding how European funding programmes work is key to increasing the possibilities of accessing European funds for innovation” explains Juan Viesca, Director of European Funds at Finnova Foundation. “In our commitment to innovation, we have developed a new gamification tool. We are convinced that it will allow entrepreneurs who want to present a project, but do not have the necessary knowledge, to receive more thorough training, which will gradually strengthen their skills and allow them to become familiar with the often complex mechanisms of the European Commission.”, he added.

“Our society is changing faster than ever. It is essential that organisations care about training and adopt digital tools that allow them to be encouraged and retain knowledge in an innovative way adapted to new times and with the latest technologies”, explains Jordi Díaz, CEO of Play&go experience. “This collaboration with Finnova, within the framework of the recently signed MARCO agreement, is key to our internationalization strategy; it allows the implementation of a first big project in collaboration with our partner Prisma”, he claimed.

Developed in close collaboration with Finnova Foundation’s European funding experts, this tool has a full course on the LIFE programme of the European Commission that shows participants how to write a draft proposal successfully. As the training progresses, they go through the various interactive modules that include minigames, quizzes and an interactive map of Europe. Its design fosters the involvement of participants, who challenge each other and manage to strengthen their knowledge.

This virtual learning platform is already being used to as a support for the training of participants in the Accelerathon programme organised by Finnova Foundation. The Accelerathon is an open innovation competition whose objective is to develop multidisciplinary solutions to challenges such as wastewater treatment, rice straw or waste-to-energy. Jordi Díaz explained during his participation in the Accelerathon Waste2Energy how the platform work (watch it here).

What is Play&go?

Play&go is a company run by Jordi Díaz that is dedicated to the design and development of gamified guides, promotional campaigns and geolocalised games. It offers a different experience to the user; it promotes the mobility of players; and it connects the physical and the digital world. Aggregate user behaviour data is obtained from the game to be later transformed into knowledge thanks to artificial intelligence-based algorithms and business intelligence tools. This way it helps to improve the product and to assist in the decision-making process.

Play&go began its acceleration process with the support of Finnova and received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission in 2018, a high-quality label awarded to projects submitted to the SME Instrument in Phase 1 (concept and feasibility assessment) of Horizon 2020. This is a recognition that only receives between the 3 % and the 6 % of the candidates who apply. In addition, Play&go received the VI Ateneo European Accelerator Award in the Valencian Community category in 2019. It is a prize from the Innovation and Business Club of the Ateneo Mercantil in collaboration with Finnova Foundation awarded within the framework of the Startup Europe Awards (SEUA).

What is Finnova?

Finnova is the European foundation for innovation funding. Its main goal is to promote the cooperation between public and private sectors through the best low-cost, technological solutions, in order to address social challenges such as employment, entrepreneurship, the SDG of the United Nations, circular economy, waste recovery, sustainable tourism, and the fight against climate change.

Finnova Foundation promotes green employment, economic recovery, and training and employment for the youth.

What is Startup Europe?

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission that connects high-tech startups to scaleups, investors, accelerator, corporative networks, universities and the media.

What is Startup Europe Accelerator?

It is a European accelerator created by Finnova Foundation in 2011. It accelerates accelerators, incubators, and vertical, regional and national entrepreneurship programmes. Its main purpose is to grant startups and scaleups access to EU opportunities for training, mentoring, internationalisation, break into the market through European projects, getting funding, networking, legal advice and international marketing.

Play&go is one of the enterprises accelerated by Finnova Foundation’s Startup Europe Accelerator.

What is Startup Europe Awards (SEUA)?

It is an initiative from the European Commission’s DG CONNECT implemented by Finnova that counts with the institutional support from the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee since 2016.

SEUA is an open innovation tool for the identification of disruptive startups, the promotion of public-private cooperation, and also for raising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship as a generator of employment. Apart from generating alliances for the consecution of the SDGs of the United Nations and the actions goals of the European Green Deal regarding circular economy, the fight against climate change and sustainable tourism.

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Jordi Díaz Maiquez

CEO of Play&go experience – (+34) 626325661

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Lola Bordás

CMO at Finnova Foundation – (+34) 619110266

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