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GREENCITIES & S-MOVING Startup Europe Awards: Finnova opens two new calls for entrepreneurs - Finnova Foundation

GREENCITIES & S-MOVING Startup Europe Awards: Finnova opens two new calls for entrepreneurs

Greencities Startup Europe Awards 2024 (1) 1
  • The Spanish-Belgian foundation launches a new edition of Greencities and S-moving Startup Europe Awards (SEUA), two calls that seek to reward entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to challenges in the field of the circular economy based on the development of smart and green cities (Greencities SEUA) and in the field of sustainable mobility (S-Moving SEUA)
  • The Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) is an open innovation methodology launched by the Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe and with the institutional support of the European Commission.
  • The final of this edition will be held on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September within the framework of Greencities and S-Moving at FYCMA, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga.

The Finnova Foundation launches the third edition of the Greencities Startup Europe Awards 2024 and S-Moving Startup Europe Awards 2024, which seek to boost sustainable entrepreneurship, promote the circular economy and encourage the fight against climate change in urban environments. The call will remain open until September 8, 2024, and the winners will be announced at the next edition of Greencites and S-Moving to be held at FYCMA on September 24 and 25.

The Finnova Foundation is looking for entrepreneurs who provide solutions to a series of challenges related to sustainable mobility, the circular economy and the fight against climate change. Specifically, the Greencities Startup Europe Awards and the S-Moving Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) are structured into five and three challenges, respectively.

  1. Greencities Startup Europe Awards:
  1. 1 Innovation for the reuse of treated water as an unconventional water resource to combat droughts and heat waves. E.g.: technologies to reuse grey water in cities (washing machines, showers, air conditioning for water cisterns, etc.).

 This challenge seeks the best startup with an initiative to develop technologies to reuse treated water and gray water in urban areas, focusing on irrigation and use in cisterns, to combat droughts and heat waves. An example of this is the HYDRALOOP project, which designs and produces innovative decentralized products for water recycling.

  1. 2 Innovation in cities and homes for the prevention of microplastics and emerging pollutants in wastewater.

This second challenge corresponds to a proposal capable of creating innovations to detect and eliminate microplastics and emerging pollutants in treatment plants, protecting aquatic ecosystems. The One Blue project is an example of a solution that seeks to assess the levels and impact of emerging pollutants on marine health and biodiversity modulated by the drivers of climate change.

  1. 3 Management of HORECA textile waste in cities.

With this challenge, the startup will have to promote the collection, recycling and treatment of textile waste, especially in the HORECA industry (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias), to move towards a circular economy. An example of this practice is the one carried out by the company Deleite Wear, which transforms hotel textile waste into sustainable and ethical uniforms.

  1. 4 Recovery of the organic fraction of urban solid waste and HORECA. E.g.: minimization and obtaining biogas.

The fourth challenge seeks to improve the management of urban solid waste and HORECA through reduction, recycling and reuse, promoting sustainable practices and composting.

  1. 5 Energy innovation, storage and urban decarbonisation. E.g.: solutions to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

Greencities SEUA’s latest challenge focuses on developing solutions to increase energy efficiency, optimize energy storage and promote the use of renewable energies, minimizing energy waste.

Register for the GREENCITIES SEUA here:

2. S-Moving Startup Europe Awards:

2.1 Innovation for urban electric mobility. E.g.: solutions to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and improve charging.

The first challenge of S-Moving SEUA seeks the startup to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles through solutions that reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. One example is OCTAVE, which offers energy storage solutions through the use of reused EV batteries.

2.2 Biogas and biofuels for urban mobility. E.g.: projects that promote the use of energy for sustainable mobility in cities. 

The second challenge seeks a project that promotes the use of biogas to decarbonise public transport, especially in the tourism sector, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the circular economy. For example, LIFE ECODigestion 2.0., a project that focuses on generating biogas from the mixture of putrescible organic waste. The project transforms sewage sludge into green energy, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and taking advantage of the sludge generated in wastewater treatment processes, with a positive impact on the environment.

2.3 Innovation for the sustainable mobility of citizen tourism. E.g.: reducing the environmental impact of tourist transport.

S-Moving’s third and final challenge promotes sustainability in the tourism sector through renewable energies and improvements in the energy efficiency of transport. An example of this is the FU-TOURISM project, which seeks to establish a strong ecosystem that provides a lasting impact on the tourism sector, promoting its resilience to future challenges and aligning with the objectives of the EU’s European Green Deal.

Sign up for the S-MOVING SEUA here:

The winners will be announced during the celebration of Greencities and S-Moving at the Malaga Trade Fair and Congress Centre (FYCMA) on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September. The award-winning startups will receive support and training to access EU funds, being able to transform their proposals into European projects through calls such as INTERREG NEXT MED, LIFE, HORIZON, among others. In addition, they will receive advice and training courses in European funds.

About the Startup Europe Awards

The Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) are an initiative promoted by the European Commission, launched by the Finnova Foundation in collaboration with StartUp Europe. It is an open innovation tool that allows companies to identify talented startups capable of solving current challenges in multiple areas. Its mission is to help startups and scaleups become more efficient, smarter, and more successful. These awards are a useful tool to promote knowledge sharing, add value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and help startups grow and position themselves in the market.

About the Finnova Foundation

Finnova is the Spanish-Belgian non-profit foundation based in Brussels and Spain, which works for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the EU. Finnova’s experience in leading communication and dissemination activities of European projects is combined with a solid track record in business creation and entrepreneurship support programs, such as accelerators, incubators and events, as well as its commitment to the training and employability of young people.

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