Finnova Foundation

The Finnova Foundation seeks to provide you with specific, first-hand information through European alerts.

As part of the gearing mechanism for obtaining European funds, we feel directly responsible for the dissemination of this knowledge.

There is currently a lack of information and Spanish companies and public  organisations are missing out on the opportunity to obtain these funds, either due to lack of knowledge or because they do not know how to apply for them.

This is why we have decided to develop a system of alerts coming directly from the European Union framework on the different subjects (register below).

The main objective of these alerts is to guide stakeholders to the latest developments and to secure European funding in the field of innovation.

This is why the Finnova Foundation provides  users, companies and public administrations with a free system of information and transmission of European alerts.

This mailing alert system is focused on providing specific European information on important topics such as tourism, circular economy, blockchain, health, subsides, textiles, energy, art, agriculture, waste, transport and logistics, communications and many other areas.

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