It is the space of reference for companies, professionals, entities and public administrations of the Intelligent, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles sectors.

S-Moving is an international forum dedicated to sharing knowledge in the field of technologies applied to intelligent, autonomous, connected and unmanned mobility by land, sea and aerospace, as well as its infrastructures. This offers the participants’ a transversal and multisectoral approach.

On the occasion of the European Mobility Week, you can register for the second edition of the S-Moving Forum without any additional costs. It will be held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos of Málaga (Spain) during the 9th and 10th October (between 9:30 and 18:30), where a series of conferences and workshops will be held on the latest innovation developments, legislation and regulations, integrated systems applied to transport, mobility, industry 4.0, insurance, services, content and new opportunities and challenges presented by intelligent mobility.


The Forum will begin on the 9th with a breakfast at 8:30 and will continue at 11:00 with the beginning of the Opening Ceremony S-Moving 2019. Throughout the day, 4 conferences and 5 round tables will be held to discuss, among other topics: technologies in autonomous vehicles; future and aerospace mobility; marine technology; smart transport infrastructures; and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS.

As for the programme for the 10th, the day will consist of 3 conferences and 5 round tables. On this occasion, the topics to be discussed will be the following: smart mobility; safety, legislation and social impact; mobility as a service; robotics applied to the Connected Autonomous Vehicle; and Talent Woman by S-Moving.


Through these round tables and conferences, in which participants will share and exchange their ideas and experiences, the S-Moving Forum seeks to be a prominent business space that allows participants to establish synergies or contacts and find business opportunities. Among the objectives of S-Moving we also find:

  • To bring together actors who focus their activities on the value chain of the development of autonomous, connected, unmanned vehicles, intelligent systems and their applied technologies around innovation and its management.
  • To become the perfect business space for the presentation and exhibition of the major developments in innovative technologies and systems applied to the development of smart, autonomous, connected and unmanned vehicles.
  • To contribute to the promotion of innovative initiatives in the field of intelligent systems, autonomous vehicles or industry 4.0, in order to promote the development and business growth of startups, TBCs (technology-based companies) and spin offs of these areas.


These are the main topics that will be discussed at the different S-moving forums and spaces:

  • Transverse technology: Transport of the future will use unlike technologies to enhance its intelligence and autonomy: 5G mobile communications, IoT, laser, robotics and mechatronics, artificial intelligence, big data, radar-LIDAR, blockchain, and quantum computing.
  • Aerospace technology: The aerospace industry maintains its growth in the commercial sector but it soares in the defense sector. Future Trends include combining the use of the blockchain, the artificial intelligence, the digital thread, and the digital factory.
  • Maritime-marine technology: Autonomous marine vehicles offer enormous practical potential: robots and marine drones, civil works and maintenance, environment, mining activity, transport, security and defense.
  • Intelligent infrastructures: Intelligence and connectivity must be understood not only applied to mobility but also to the infrastructures involved.
  • Terrestrial technologies: Connected vehicle development is inextricably linked to the interconnection of cars themselves, connection with other vehicles and with infrastructures.
  • SDV and 4.0 applications: The evolution of the industry AGV to SDV 4.0 is starting to take control, due to the rapid advance in sensorics and big data. SDV solutions comprises scalability, intelligence and usability.
  • Urban mobility: Electric mobility, autonomous driving, traffic management platforms, apps and new forms of intelligent transport to suit both individual transportation and public are significantly changing mobility in big cities.
  • Drones: The specific characteristics of drones turn them into perfect allies to fulfill vigilance, control and security tasks. These tasks are already being carried out with AVs support.
  • New mobility solutions: Latest mobility solutions are required to save resources and ensure maximum sustainability. Electric and shared mobility solutions and a collaborative economy is emerging due to an unstoppable progress.


As already mentioned, the S-moving Forum offers a wide variety of activities and opportunities in the field of mobility:

The autonomous and connected mobility systems represent a great opportunity for the development of new forms of present and future transport, such as robotics, self-learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, IoT, LIDAR… All these technologies have a large potential for growth in the various fields of activity of these systems: land, maritime, and aerospace.

The innovation and application of new technologies to the autonomous and connected systems will lead to a real change in the transportation models of both people and things, as well as in the field of defense, rescue, research, etc. This is mainly due to the fact that these vehicles offer the possibility of numerous applications in various fields of production, business, social, and environmental issues. In addition, they can also reduce the reaction time, improve job security, in transport, in emergencies, and in a variety of fields.


Among the Forum participants we find: innovative companies focused on the creation, development, production and distribution of intelligent and connected vehicles (land, aerospacial or sea) and their components; automotive companies in the field of industry 4.0; CEOs of large companies, telephone companies, insurance companies, construction companies, audiovisual companies, public administrations, startups, project managers, consultants or state security forces, among others.


There are several ways to participate in this Forum:

  • As a professional visitor: access only (registration required)..
  • As an exhibitor: Gives you the opportunity to make your offer known to all attendees from a personalised space (registration required).
  • As a professional visitor + networking agenda: Booking a Networking Agenda gives you exclusive access to an on-line meetings tool that will allow you to meet with other professionals (registration required).
  • As a professional visitor + networking lunch: Booking a Networking Agenda gives you exclusive access to an on-line meetings tool that will allow you to meet with other professional (registration required).
  • As a professional visitor (university student, professional training, master or postgraduate): Booking a Networking Agenda gives you exclusive access to an on-line meetings tool that will allow you to meet with other professional (registration required).
  • Flight in inland zone: Indoor area specifically for demonstrative drone and unmanned systems flights.
  • Presentation: if you are a company, a success story or you have a project that is going to change the world of mobility, S-Moving is the right place to be.
  • As a partner: it’s time to step forward and become one of the leading companies of the changes in mobility.

Remember that the inscription is totally free if you apply during the European Mobility Week using this code: SMOVING EMW.

You can find more information about the types of participation and how to register in this link.

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