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The StartUp Europe Accelerator by Finnova was invited to participate  in the  “Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley 2017” (SEC2SV) mission which has started today in California. SEC2SV once again brought together the most relevant founders, professionals, and policy-makers from the EU entrepreneurial ecosystem and Silicon Valley in engaging meetings and workshops with the goal of forging meaningful long term relationships.

The director for StartUp Europe Accelerator , Juanma Revuelta, will present in Silicon Valley two of the most innovative startups from the acceleration program, both recognised by the European Commission under the SME Instrument. Drone Hopper, a heavy-duty drone designed to provide aerial support for wildfires firefighting,  is a high tech solution that permits its adaptability to different conditions, including night operations, required any moment to control wildfires. On the other hand, Kien-Mou, the tree of renewal, an equipment that clean the atmosphere from C02 and suspended particulate matter (SPM) that has differents applications as Smart City element.

SEC2SV 2017 will build on the previous year, with the attendance of a large EU Delegation, including senior EC officials, EU MEP’s, State Secretaries, and industry leaders from Europe. Additionally, it will open this year’s European Innovation Day Conference with a presentation of the most recent reports by Mind the Bridge, “Startup M&As” and “European Corporate Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley, The Who’s Who”.

The conference is part of the EU pilot project “Europe’s Digital Agenda Meets Silicon Valley”, proposed by the European Parliament and implemented by Mind the Bridge.

See the SEC2SV Agenda HERE  [gview file=””]

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