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NAPOCTEP will be present at the 1st Meeting about “The Great Pact for Rural Repopulation” in Ávila


The meeting will take place at Parador Nacional in Gredos on the 16th and 17th of January and is one of activities of the European initiative StartUp Village.

SEGITTUR will talk about the cultural tourism as an alternative that will help the inhabited but very rich in cultural and historic patrimony areas of our country to grow up.

15.01.2020. The European Conference of Provincial Councils, Town Councils, Island Councils, Autonomous Regions and the State General Administration for the Territorial and Rural Population and the Signature of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pact for Rural and Territorial Repopulations will take place at Parador in Gredos on the 16th and 17th of January. This meeting continues the actions started in the 1st European Congress of Rural Repopulation that took place at Villahoz (Burgos) last July and is one of the activities in the European initiative StartUp Village.

In this meeting, D. Carlos Romero Dexeus, manager of SEGITTUR’s I+D+I department   promotes the innovative initiatives in the tourism sector in Spain and he will present the NAPOCTEP project. NAPOCTEP was approved in the 2nd call of the European Programme Interreg-POCTEP and its main aim is to highlight the importance of the extraordinary Napoleonic heritage that exists in the border region of Portugal and Spain. And it wants to create a quality tourist product.

NAPOCTEP thus has the intention of using the patrimony as an attraction spotlight for the rural areas’ visitors and, at the same time, can contribute to diminish their depopulation, helping them to make their gastronomy, heritage, trade and their hotel establishment to become more well-known. It also wants to attract more entrepreneurs interested in developing new ideas in the tourism and cultural sector along the previous routes.

The project is established in areas of Spain and Portugal which suffer aging and depopulation problems and it can be a great opportunity to help them to grow. Heritage, landscapes and gastronomy are local resources that cannot be relocated and attract more visitors who look for the most real and genuine experiences during their travels.

You can find more information about the meeting in the following link:
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