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NAPOCTEP will participate in the Spanish-Portuguese fair FEHISPOR

The NAPOCTEP project will be present at the Fair represented by two beneficiaries of CIM-RC COIMBRA and FINNOVA, who will present the good practices of the project, besides making a presentation on the brand “Napoleonic Routes in the Iberian Peninsula”

From 21 to 24 November 2019 will take place FEHISPOR, the historic fair that presents the best selection of Luso-Spanish content. This year, the 30th edition of this fair will feature TURIBERIA, the first thematic space on tourism between Spain and Portugal. The event will take place at IFEBA – Instituto Ferial de Badajoz.

TURIBERIA will have institutional stands that publicise the most outstanding cross-border cooperation actions, such as the Interreg POCTEP Programme. The programme will organise a project-to-project meeting to compare existing good practices with the aim of capitalising on results.

In this context will be present the NAPOCTEP project (, represented by two beneficiaries CIM-RC COIMBRA and FINNOVA, which will present the good practices of the project, besides giving a presentation on the brand Napoleonic routes on the Iberian Peninsula. This intervention will take place on the 21st of November from 10:30 to 11:30 during the Meeting of Tourism Projects Interreg Spain-Portugal, within the block concerning “Promotion of marks”.

More than 225 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 visitors are hosted each year by FEHISPOR. In addition to TURIBERIA, the fair will also have other themed fairs that reflect the cooperation between Spain and Portugal, such as the Salón de la Gastronomía Hispanolusa, the Feria de San Mateo de Elvas or the Salón de la Artesanía.

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