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EU Training Platform is an information system consisting of an alert system that will keep you updated on programmes, aids and calls that may be of interest for young enterpreneurs. Likewise, it also counts on an e-learning platform with different seminars on European programmes or calls like EPSO or SME Instrument.

What does EU Training Platform offer you?

* E-learning platform with seminars about European programmes and calls from EPSO.

* Personalized alerts with information about training seminars, programmes, and calls from the EU, and events that may be of your interest.

* Personal advising in topics such as networking and lobbying to increase your candidacy once you have been selected.

* Orientation to access to the more of 3,000 training seminars yearly held by the European institutions.

* Chats with functionaires from the EU about the selection process.

* Support to laureates looking for job opportunities, providing them with the opportunity to have chats about training sessions held in the institutions or other entities in Brussels.

* Mentorization in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Functionaires at the European Institutions (AFICE).

EU Training Platform counts on a system of personalized alerts through which you will be daily informed about aids, calls, programmes, events or any other informations that may be of your interest. One of the main characteristics of this personalized alert system is the reminders about calls for training sessions in the European institutions and alerts about programmes such as the Schuman Fellowships for journalists.

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EU Training Platform es una plataforma de información para jóvenes que buscan oportunidades laborales en las instituciones europeas, a través de un sistema de alertas que te mantendrá actualizado sobre becas, programas, ayudas y convocatorias de interés, también para jóvenes emprendedores. Además es una plataforma e-learning totalmente práctica con metodología blended sobre programas europeos como EPSO o Instrumento PYME.

¿Qué te ofrece?

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Las actividades están dirigidas a jóvenes españoles menores de 35 años residentes en el exterior.

EU Training Platform cuenta con el apoyo del Programa Jóvenes del Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social de España.  








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