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StartUp Europe Accelerator, initiated by Finnova, is a package of services aimed at offering a ‘second-level acceleration programme’ from a European perspective. The aim is to help StartUps and young entrepreneurs overcome barriers to innovation through an European platform of financing, mentoring, networking, and inclusion of other tailored services specific to each project.

The first Accelerator Programme especially designed to bring European Commission programmes and resources to StartUps and entrepreneurs, focused on fostering innovation projects; especially in the areas of eco-innovation, social-innovation, Tech-based or ICT solutions, renewable energies, smart and sustainable cities, tourism and creative industries.

What does StartUp Europe Accelerator offer?

* BizSpark is the entrepreneurship program of Microsoft, software and services tailor – made for startups. Startups that fit into the program will have access to cloud services and resources valued at more than 100,000 euros, in addition to advice, consultancy and training. Finnova, through StartUp Europe Accelerator, is the partner in the identification of European funds, which means that we are allowed to suggest candidates to this program.

* Daily news alert system: we keep you informed about calls, aids, awards, contests and other resources to implement your project.

* Personalized assistance with blended methodology (in presence and virtually) for projects according to their sector.

* Orientation to participate in EU projects, as well as to opt to European funding through programmes as the SME instrument, with 4 calls per year. In its first phase, it is endowed with 50,000 repayable euros for viability studies.

* High performance stages of between 1 and 6 months in coworking places based in Brussels, with the possibility of complement it with economic aids such as Erasmus for young enterpreneurs (EFYE), endowed with 830 euros per month.

* Access to networks of more than 35,000 companies and organizations through BECI and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg.

* Communication and visibility in the European Union for your project (Recognisement, logos, etc.).

* Access to private investors through the EBAN Business Angels, preferential business and endorsements.

* Road map report about EU funding + funding tools.

StartUp Europe Accelerator has counted for 3 years  with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Employment under the Youth Programme. 

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Accelerated StartUps 

We have already supported several EU funded programmes at European level, as the miniturbines FlatTowers, a project that gained 300,000 euros from the Innovation and EU programme, and which was also accelerated by the Foundation Repsol. Some of our accelerated startups are:

With the support of StartUp Europe Accelerator, eKuore received 50.000 € in grant from the EC for the phase-1 of the SME Instrument. The H2020 Topic presented was “Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers  and/or diagnostic medical device”.

The project aims to commercialise the eKuore pro device; an innovative medical device combined with ICT solutions offering next-generation e-health and m-health service. The wireless electronic phonendoscope helps identify and monitor cardiovascular illnesses, communicating with mobile devices via Bluetooth for listening, recording, analysing data, providing reports, etc. Currently, eKuore chooses to Phase-2 of this European program with the advice of the StartUp Accelerator, which chooses to receive 2 million euros.

Logo Certamen Emprendedores 2014_d






With the support of StartUp Europe Accelerator, Naian received 50.000 € in grant from the EC for the phase-1 of the SME Instrument. Naian has developed Latipp, a software geared towards the hospitality sector, that will allow the clients to get a quick, easy access in real time to the management of their establishment from anywhere in the world.

Latipp also has a unique solution in the market, it offers the possibility to receive the best personalised offerings from the distributors, and you can save by comparing prices from any device easily. It also makes it possible to order directly, offering a detailed follow-up system from them.

h2020       Onegin



Waynabox obtained a certificated of quality from European Commission due to the high score of their SME- Instrument Phase-1 memory. Waynabox organizes travel arrangements, including round-trip flights with two night’s hotel accommodation, at a set price of 150 euros per passenger (minimum 2 people). The catch is that users have no idea of their destination until 48 hours prior to departure.



¿Tienes una idea o un proyecto innovador y quieres impulsarlo?

StartUp Europe Accelerator, iniciativa de Finnova, es la primera aceleradora especializada en herramientas de financiación y proyectos UE, mentoring, lobbying y networking  para proyectos innovadores en los sectores TIC, energías renovables, salud, agua y medio ambiente, ciudades sostenibles, industrias creativas, inclusión social  y turismo en el ámbito europeo.

Startup Europe Accelerator funciona como una aceleradora de segundo nivel que nace con la vocación de dar valor agregado tanto al emprendedor como a otras aceleradoras o programas de emprendimiento de carácter público o privado. Su objetivo es ayudar a emprendedores innovadores a internacionalizarse y a beneficiarse de las oportunidades que ofrecen los proyectos europeos.

¿Qué ofrece StartUp Europe Accelerator?

Finnova, a través de Startup Europe Accelerator, es el socio en la identificación de fondos europeos del programa BizSpark de Microsoft España, lo cual nos permite promover candidaturas empresariales que se puedan beneficiar de las ventajas que ofrece la multinacional tecnológica: acceso a recursos y servicios valorados en hasta 100.000 euros, asesoramiento, consultoría y formación continua.

StartUp Europe Accelerator ha contado con el apoyo del Ministerio de Empleo de España Programa JÓVENES durante 3 años.

¿Quieres saber si tu startup puede acceder a financiación europea y a otros recursos? Preconvocatoria para startups y emprendedores. Completa este Formulario 

Si no tienes un proyecto en la actualidad, pero te gustaría desarrollar capacidades emprendedoras con énfasis en proyectos europeos,  podrás aprender a través de metodología blended  (presencial o virtual) a preparar memorias para proyectos, con el soporte de nuestros técnicos expertos con los que practicaras desde el primer momento (Itinerario European Projects CAPACITIES).

Para más información, contáctanos: 

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