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The consortium of the European SETOFF project to improve the training of security personnel in risk management meets in Brussels.

  • They will analyse the progress of the project after almost two years of work and the next steps to be taken in the final stretch.
  • The meeting includes institutional visits and networking activities and synergies with other projects and entities of interest.
  • The European project SETOFF is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, and has a budget of 312,307 €.

The consortium of the Erasmus + SETOFF project, which aims to improve occupational safety in the fields of crisis management and protection and rescue, and to involve the private sector in the process of managing future crises and emergencies, will meet in Brussels on 22 and 23 January to analyse the progress of the project and to discuss the next steps to be taken in the final stretch.

The headquarters of the Finnova Foundation in Brussels will host this last working meeting that will focus on the sustainability of the project, synergies and new opportunities to continue working on SETOFF. After almost two years of work, the consortium, together with different experts in security and risk management, has designed a training course consisting of 13 modules, which is available on the project’s training platform in five languages (English, Greek, Spanish, French and Macedonian).

The meeting aims to conclude with a strategy to disseminate the results and maximise the impact that this training can have on both public and private security personnel and anyone interested in risk management.

In addition to the internal meetings, and with the aim of creating synergies and giving continuity to this project, institutional visits and networking activities will be carried out together with other related projects and entities.

Among the visits included in the work agenda, it is worth highlighting the visit on 23 January to the EU Emergency Response Centre, an extremely important body for the project and which has been very present throughout the training offered by the project. During this visit they will present the SETOFF project within the European institutions. The partners will also visit NATO headquarters in order to present the project and share experiences.


SETOFF (Smart Education and Training Programme for Central and Local Government Officials: Embracing Vulnerability as our Greatest Strength and Innovative Tools for Risk Management) aims to improve the preparedness and occupational safety of civil protection and private sector security and safety personnel for future crises and emergencies by developing an innovative online training curriculum based on a proven and successfully implemented simulation model combined with the latest scientific knowledge.

The SET-OFF consortium consists of 8 partners including universities and training organisations with expertise in civil protection issues, municipalities and non-profit research organisations, as well as technical consultancy service companies from Greece, Macedonia, Belgium and Spain.



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