The European FIPAS initiative, an example of good preventive practice in fire fighting

19 October 2022. The European initiative FIPAS (Forest Fire Prediction Alarm System) was presented as an example of good practice during the Session on harnessing good preventive practices in forest fire management, held on 13 October.

Agustín Quesada, Project Manager at Finnova, was in charge of explaining the European initiative led by Nassat, a company allied to the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab, which has a system of forest fire prediction alarms to measure the risk of forest fires occurring and identify the causes that feed them thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it also operates at national and regional level.

By this way, FIPAS is one of the essential elements to provide data and public input to the Interreg project for the Survey for the compilation of good practices in Forest Fires along the Raya. Thus, working hand in hand, both initiatives will be able to prevent and extinguish forest fires more effectively.


Nassat is a leading company in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector that addresses particularly complex problems affecting organizations, companies, institutions and communities, inherent to deficiencies in telecommunications infrastructures, in many cases non-existent.

About Finnova

Finnova is the European foundation for innovation financing. Its objectives are to promote public-private cooperation through its knowledge and experience in European funding instruments, addressing societal challenges such as youth employment, entrepreneurship, the UN SDGs, the circular economy, waste recovery, sustainable tourism and the fight against climate change.

About Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s climate innovation agency working to accelerate the transition to a resilient, carbon-free world through systems transformation. Headquartered in Amsterdam, EIT Climate-KIC operates from 13 centres across Europe and is active in 39 countries. EIT Climate-KIC was established in 2010 and is primarily funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), an agency of the European Union. As a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), EIT Climate-KIC brings together more than 400 partners from business, academia, public and non-profit sectors to create networks of expertise through which innovative products, services and systems are developed and commercialised for greater societal impact.


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