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The European LivAI Project launches its Handbook for Understanding Ethics in the Field of Data and AI

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  • The European LivAI Project Handbook serves as a guide to understanding ethics in the field of data and artificial intelligence.

15/11/2023, Brussels. The Handbook for Understanding Ethics in the field of data and AI of the Erasmus+ LivAI project, Making Adult Education Lively Through Artificial Intelligence, of which Finnova Foundation is a partner, is now available. This is an important milestone in the first phase of the project, which aims to address technology and data from an ethical perspective, within a certification framework that ensures standards for all types of learning and work.

It has been created by the education and emerging technologies experts of the LivAI project consortium with the aim of identifying limitations in adult education on artificial intelligence and data ethics and offering practical ideas for their responsible use.

The handbook is addressed to adult educators, students and those interested in AI and data ethics. It is also aimed at educational institutions, teacher training centres and other organisations with a growing interest in AI.

Furthermore, the purpose of this handbook is aligned with the objectives of the project, which are the following: to increase institutional commitment to the implementation of the EU guidelines on ethics in artificial intelligence, to create Open Educational Resources (OER) that provide and validate competences in the field of data and AI, and to promote the ethical use of data in education at all levels.

The Finnova Foundation, as an entity specialised in areas such as development and innovation, promotes projects within the Erasmus+ programme related to these fields, as is the case of LivAI.

About LivAI

LivAI is an Erasmus+ project funded within the framework of the Adult Education Cooperation Partnership action. The two main objectives of the LivAI project are to promote the creation of educational resources, such as a handbook to understand ethics in the field of data and artificial intelligence, and the implementation of an e-learning platform with the possibility to validate or certify the acquired competences. The project has a budget of 250,000 euros and is led by the Universitat Jaume I  (Spain) in collaboration with the Finnova Foundation (Belgium), Konnektable Technologies Ltd (Ireland), EFCoCert (Switzerland), Project Consult (Italy) and UBITECH (Greece).

About Finnova Foundation

Finnova is a Spanish-Belgian non-profit foundation working for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship at EU level. Based in Brussels, it operates through collaborations and partnerships in all EU countries. Finnova’s expertise in leading European project communication and dissemination activities is combined with a strong proven track record in start-ups and business support programmes, such as accelerators, incubators and ceremonial event selection and awarding.

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