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Yesterday began the Erasmus Days 2023, 6 days to learn about the advantages of the Erasmus + program

  • In this edition will be held more than 7,700 to publicize the projects funded by this program.
  • Finnova, as an entity committed to access to employment and youth, participates as a partner in 4 Erasmus + projects.

09/10/2023, Brussels. From yesterday, Monday October 9th until Saturday October 14th, the Erasmus Days 2023 will take place, six days that will highlight the cultural diversity of Europe and the numerous learning opportunities that this integrated program of the European Union for education, training, youth and sport offers. During these days, beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ program, European stakeholders and alumni organize events where they share their experience and disseminate the projects they are involved in for all those interested in this European program. This edition will feature 7,732 events open to everyone, even those who have not participated in an Erasmus+ project.

Erasmus Days are an excellent way to promote the richness of European mobility and the successes of the Erasmus+ program, showcasing the benefits of the learning experiences it offers. In addition, Erasmus Days 2023 falls within the framework of the European Year of Skills, a unique opportunity to recognize the importance of Europe’s cultural diversity and for participants to discover new cultures, strengthen their language and intercultural skills, develop their employability and embrace the European values of tolerance, respect and diversity.

With more than 35 years of history, Erasmus + offers mobility and cooperation opportunities in higher education and vocational training, adult education, youth and sport, and has an estimated budget of 26.2 billion euros for the period 2021-2027, which will be allocated to areas such as social inclusion, ecological and digital transitions, and promoting the participation of young people in democratic life.

The Finnova Foundation, which specializes in areas such as access to employment, training and youth, promotes innovation in these areas by being a partner in various projects funded by the Erasmus + program. Currently, Finnova is partner of 8 Erasmus + projects that promote inclusion and diversity in remote education, the improvement of the security preparedness of Civil Protection workers, the proposal of actions that apply artificial intelligence from an ethical point of view, the support of youth employment in the agricultural sector, the participation of young people in democracy or the inclusion of girls in careers.

The DESTINE (DivErSity and Tolerance IN E-Environment) project responds to the challenge of raising the issues of diversity and tolerance within an online and distance learning environment, and aims to develop the skills and competencies of Vocational Training teachers, trainers and mentors in this area. The pandemic and the subsequent implementation of online education created the need for vocational educators and trainers, teachers and mentors to integrate the challenges of diversity and tolerance into online and digital learning programs.

The SETOFF project aims to improve the preparedness and job security of Civil Protection personnel, both public and private, for future crises and emergencies. The core of the project is the development of an innovative online training curriculum based on a proven and successfully applied simulation model, combined with the latest scientific knowledge as well as a comprehensive needs analysis.

LivAI proposes several ways to approach technology and data in particular from an ethical perspective, within a certification framework that guarantees standards for any kind of learning and work. The project aligns with the aforementioned Digital Education Action Plan, which aims to foster digital skills and competencies for all citizens and explore the impact of AI on education and training through pilot testing.

Finally, the Smart and Digital Agriculture (SDA Project) has as its main objective to promote and support youth employment in the agricultural sector through medicinal and aromatic plants with high value in agriculture. To achieve this objective it seeks to Raise awareness of unconscious agricultural practices, Support digitization in agriculture and Develop smart and virtual agricultural practices and a training program.

BETTER-EU aims to encourage the participation of young people in European political life and to make them aware of the functioning of the European institutions and their relationship with the rural environment. In this line, this promotion of the institutions encourages young people to be more participative in the democratic life of their municipality, proposing initiatives that they believe are necessary.

Girls4Tech and 100 Women Plus are initiatives in which Finnova is a participant in the field of female entrepreneurship. Girls4Tech is committed to support training, skills generation and the promotion of STEM careers, initiatives aimed at girls from 8 to 18 years old. 100 Women Plus aims to strengthen the presence of European and African women in the economic and business sectors by establishing new mechanisms for female participation, strengthening the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs in participating countries and creating networks and partnerships between institutions in Europe and Africa.

Related to the textile sector are the final mission of the MANUFACTURING 4.ALL project and TEXTIL4ALL. The mission of the first project is to create an educational and training model for young unemployed people with the aim of contributing to the municipal transformation towards a more digitalized business fabric and a greater entrepreneurial spirit among citizens. On the other hand, the TEXTIL4ALL project aims to provide training on the textile sector in terms of sustainability, as well as to promote the employability of people at risk of social exclusion in marginal neighborhoods or vulnerable situations, mostly women, in order to reduce the gender gap in these situations.

About Finnova Foundation

Finnova is a foundation working for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship at EU level. Based in Brussels, it operates through collaborations and partnerships in all countries of the European Union. Finnova’s experience in leading European project communication and dissemination activities is combined with a strong proven expertise in start-ups and business support programs, such as accelerators, incubators and ceremonial event selection and awarding.

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