European Week for the Reduction of Waste (EWWR) is the largest campaign for raising awareness of waste prevention in Europe. Driven by public authorities local and regional, we bring together all kinds of actors (citizens, schools, companies, NGOs, associations) that organize activities for awareness of waste reduction.

-To raise awareness of waste reduction, the reuse of products and the strategies of recycling of materials, and related policies of the European Union and the Member States.

-To highlight the work done by the participants of EWWR.

-To mobilise and encourage European citizens to concentrate on four key action themes.

-To strengthen the capacities of stakeholders of the EWWR by providing them with specific communication and training.

The actions must be carried out between the 21st and 29th of November 2020.

Closing date for registration: n/a

About the EWWR Awards: https://bit.ly/3cWK24U This week will see events such as:

LIFE EcoDigestion 2.0

Award launches such as Startup Europe

European funds Seminar

European Week for the Reduction of Waste (EWWR) was born in 2009 as a EU-funded LIFE+ project. The initiative came from public authorities across Europe willing to join forces in the prevention of waste.

Thematic focus: each year, the EWWR focuses on a different aspect of waste prevention in order to draw attention to areas of high impact related to our habits of unsustainable consumption as a society, this year: Invisible waste.

The actions carried out in the framework of the EWWR addresses the 3Rs: Waste Reduction, Product Reuse, Recycling materials, in this order. These are the main R’s (although there are many others) to have in order to re-evaluate the habits of consumption.

County council, town halls, regional governments, NGOs, a company, academia and universities and you are interested in carrying out an awareness-raising action on the reduction, reuse, recycling or cleaning of waste during the following EWWR participates as an ACTION DEVELOPER.

If you are an individual or a group and are interested to participate in an action to be carried out during the EWWR, find out about the actions take place near you.

If you are a competent public authority in the waste prevention and you are interested in coordinate the week in your area PARTICIPATE in an action.

For more information:

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Tel: +32 494 39 85 05


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