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Brussels, 23 May, Miracoil solutions participated in the Green week, from 21 to 24 May in Brussels. The main theme of the event was the measures being taken by the European Union (EU) to promote the transformation of cities into better places to live and work from the point of view of quality of life and environmental sustainability. In relation to sustainability, this event showed the political advances in air quality and noise, nature and biodiversity and water and waste management, through a more participatory approach in the urban environment.

During the course of the week, the Finnova Foundation took advantage of the event to arrange meetings with the company Miracoil solutions, with different organizations, institutions and European companies as potential clients.  At these meetings, Miracoil took the opportunity to bring its state-of-the-art environmental technology, based on the production of second-generation biofuel through the application of the Thermo-Mechanic Cracking Process (TMCP) technique, to other organizations.  This technique has many benefits, as it prevents the storage of waste in landfills and its subsequent incineration, transforming the waste into secondary fuel. The institutions, organizations and companies to which Miracoil solutions brought its innovative technology, through different meetings and contacts were;

EMGRISA, company for Industrial Waste Management. It took place a meeting between the general director of Emgrisa, Mariano Marinez Cepa, the general director of the Finnova Foundation, Juan Manuel Revuelta and the general director of Miracoil solutions, Jose Ramon Pamies Boera. In that meeting, common points were discussed, since all these companies work on projects related to the protection and conservation of the environment, favouring the circular economy through the reuse of waste.

Munacipality waste europe (MWE) is the European umbrella association representing public responsibility for waste management. There was a meeting between MWE’s CEO, Vanya Veras and the Miracoil team, the latter offers the MWE association the alternative and innovative technology in waste management.

Eurocities, is the network of large European cities.  Brooke Flanagan, Eurocites’ project coordinator and policy advisor met with the Miracoil team . This meeting dealt with issues such as how to transform the current model of cities into more sustainable models of cities, through the use of biodiesel, replacing fossil fuels and achieving the environmental and social goals of a circular economy.

European Diesel Board (EBB), an association that promotes the use of biodiesel in the EU, bringing together the main biodiesel producers in the EU. A meeting of Raffaello Garofalo, General Secretary of EBB, with the Miracoil Solutions team took place. The EBB association is a strong support for the Miracoil company, as it can provide it with a wide diffusion in Europe and position itself as a reference point for biodiesel production in Europe.

Sebastià Sansó i Jaume, Director General of Environmental Education, Environmental Quality and Waste of the Balearic Government. Speaker at the Green week. In the meeting with the Miracoil team , the main topic dealt with was waste management, since the Balearic government is in the process of processing the relevant authorisations for the activities related to waste management. Within these activities, the technology of creating biodiesel by means of secondary resources can be a great advance.

Meeting of the ambassadors of Central America, a meeting with which Miracoil’s entry into the Latin American market was sought. In this meeting, the Miracoil solutions team met with Leonel Mateo Hernández, representative of the Dominican Republic embassy, Alfonso Young, representative of the Panama embassy and Ilstvan Alfaro, Costa Rica’s ambassador in Belgium.

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