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Finnova analyzes future cooperation agreements with the State Secretariat for Fisheries of Portugal and DOCAPESCA

Imagen-Secretaría Pesca Portugal y DOCAPESCA
  • Meeting at Finnova Brussels to promote the sustainability of the Portuguese fishing sector.
  • Challenges facing the fishing sector were addressed, and possible solutions were discussed, proposing pilot projects focused on promoting the blue economy along Portugal’s coastal strip.
  • The parties demonstrated a strong commitment to strengthening long-term cooperation ties and working together on project development, with the support of competitive European funds.

Brussels, August 3, 2023. The month of August hosted a technical meeting at Finnova’s premises in Brussels with a delegation from the Portuguese Fisheries Secretariat and DOCAPESCA, aiming to address key challenges faced by the fishing sector in Portugal and explore funding opportunities through competitive European fund programs such as ERASMUS, LIFE, Interreg, and Horizon Europe.

The meeting was attended by João Reis, Deputy Secretary of State for Fisheries of Portugal, and Sérgio Faias, President of the Board of Directors of DOCAPESCA Portos e Lotas, S.A. Both met with various departments of the Finnova Foundation, which work in areas related to circular economy, continuous training programs, innovation, interregional cooperation, and budget management.

During the meeting, challenges confronting the fishing sector were identified, including accident prevention and specialized training, and feasible solutions were discussed to mitigate marine pollution. Among the proposals presented by the Portuguese Fisheries Secretariat were pilot projects focused on circular economy for plastic waste treatment and recycling in the sea, sustainable energy generation in fishing ports, occupational risk prevention training for fishermen, and promotion of biodiversity through aquaculture.

Juanma Revuelta, CEO of Finnova, highlighted the importance of the EU’s LIFE program in addressing environmental challenges and synergies to develop joint projects in this field. Finnova has contributed its expertise in methodologies for supporting women’s entrepreneurship in fishing, as well as innovative tools to strengthen public-private partnerships. “We are delighted to work with Portugal,” Revuelta stated. “As the leading country in efficiently absorbing structural funds within the European Union, it is an honor for us to collaborate with them in project formulation and be part of this process in achieving their objectives.” These approaches are presented as an integral part of Finnova’s contribution to achieving shared objectives in solving environmental challenges through the use of European funds.

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Spain-Portugal Finnova Projects

Finnova has already had the opportunity to work with Portugal through projects related to forest management, fire prevention, and digitization of agriculture under the European Interreg POPTEC program. Also, through the LIFE Program, with innovation projects for biogas production in water treatment plants using advanced organic waste management systems. Projects (CILIFO, FIREPOPTEC, HIBA, LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0) amounting to an approximate total budget of 36,000,000 EUR.

The meeting concluded with a strong commitment from both parties to further strengthen long-term bilateral cooperation ties. These initiatives and projects are expected to receive the necessary support to significantly contribute to Portugal’s blue economy.

Finnova will continue to work closely with the involved stakeholders to guide and facilitate the formulation of these projects and maximize access to available European funds, in line with its mission to promote innovation, training, and sustainable development in the European context.


About the Portuguese Fisheries Secretariat

The Portuguese Fisheries Secretariat is a government body responsible for formulating and implementing the country’s fishing policies. Its main objective is the sustainable and responsible management of fishing resources in Portuguese territorial waters, as well as the promotion of the fishing and aquaculture industry in a sustainable manner.

The Portuguese Fisheries Secretariat works closely with other relevant agencies and entities to ensure proper fisheries management, conservation of marine resources, and implementation of community fishing policies established by the European Union.



DOCAPESCA – Portos e Lotas, S.A. is a Portuguese public company operating under the oversight of the Ministry of the Sea of Portugal. Its main objective is to manage and develop port infrastructure and fish markets in the country. It was created with the purpose of supporting fishing and aquaculture activities in Portugal, as well as fostering the sustainable development of the maritime industry and promoting the marketing of fishery products.

DOCAPESCA’s responsibilities include managing fishing ports, fish markets, and other facilities related to fishing and aquaculture. It provides services and facilities to fishermen, ensures compliance with fishing regulations, and conserves marine resources. It also plays a significant role in promoting the quality and traceability of fishery products, ensuring compliance with food safety standards at both national and European levels.


About Finnova Foundation

Finnova is a non-profit Hispano-Belgian foundation based in Brussels and Spain, working for the past 12 years to promote and develop innovation and entrepreneurship in the European Union, aiding and training in European fund acquisition. Its goal is to address social challenges such as employment, entrepreneurship, UN Sustainable Development Goals, circular economy, waste valorization, sustainable tourism, and combating climate change.

Finnova’s experience in leading communication and dissemination activities of European projects is combined with a proven track record in entrepreneurship support programs, such as accelerators, incubators, and events, as well as its commitment to training and youth employability.


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